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Consolidating the Foundation of Clean and Honest Ideology and Enhancing the Stability of Political Anti Corruption - Visit and Study at the Henan Provincial Clean and Honest Culture and Education Center by Sanmo Institute

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On the morning of September 23rd, 35 middle-level and above leading cadres, party branch secretaries, discipline inspection commissioners, and staff members of the Discipline Inspection Commission Office organized by the Party Committee and Discipline Inspection Commission of Sanmo Institute visited and studied at the Henan Provincial Anti Corruption Cultural Education Center to receive anti corruption cultural education.


All party members and cadres first reviewed the oath of joining the party under the banner of the party, determined to remember the oath, not forget their original intention, and forge ahead.


Then, under the guidance of the interpreter, we visited three theme exhibition halls, namely, "Learning from history and asking for honesty -- Chinese ancient culture of clean government", "Glorious journey -- building a clean and honest government of the CPC", and "The alarm bell is ringing -- the achievements of Henan's overall strict governance of the party in the new era".


Each exhibition hall closely follows the culture of clean government, adopts the combination of traditional culture and modern science and technology, and visually and vividly displays the Chinese nation's thought, system, people and stories of clean government for five thousand years, the history of the CPC's construction of clean government for nearly a hundred years, and the latest achievements of Henan Province's strict governance of the party in an all-round way by means of pictures, text materials, holographic projection, on-demand video, and human landscape sculpture, Educate Party members and cadres to be clean and diligent in governance.





The exhibition hall is filled with detailed historical materials, real photos, and vivid cases, which deeply awaken and shock everyone. They have a clearer understanding of doing a good job of integrity and self-discipline, and strengthening work style construction.





After the visit and study, everyone expressed that the content of the anti-corruption education exhibition was intuitive, vivid, and profound, which gave everyone a profound education and baptism in their thinking and soul, and solidified the foundation of their anti-corruption ideology. In future work, we should take this anti-corruption cultural education as an opportunity to firmly uphold our ideals and beliefs, never forget our original intentions, build a strong ideological defense line against corruption and change, understand awe and reason, achieve self-respect, introspection, self alarm, and self motivation, achieve integrity and self-discipline, keep the alarm bell ringing, and always maintain the political integrity of Communist Party members.

Correspondent: Diao Yinyan