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Leading the way in the fight against the epidemic: Party members and comrades from the Second Party Branch of Sanmo Institute actively participate in the fight against the epidemic

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Since January 3, 2022, Zhengzhou has once again entered a new campaign to combat the epidemic. On the front line of the epidemic prevention and control, Party members and comrades of the Second Party Branch of Sanmo Institute are willing to sacrifice and take the lead, actively participating in the epidemic prevention activities, fully demonstrating the responsibility and responsibility that a Communist Party member should have.

Comrade Niu Dongchao is a new party member who only became a regular member in 2021. After the outbreak of the epidemic, a building in his residential area became a lockdown area. The lockdown area requires door-to-door single person nucleic acid testing without leaving the house. After the outbreak of the epidemic in Zhengzhou, multiple rounds of full staff nucleic acid testing were carried out according to the requirements of the Municipal Center for Prevention and Control. The testing personnel were in short supply. Upon learning of the shortage of nucleic acid testing personnel in the community, Niu Dongchao proactively contacted the community to sign up for volunteer services. After training, starting from January 8th, I woke up at 5am every day to cooperate with medical staff for information collection. I have conducted 12 rounds of nucleic acid services and have become a capable assistant in the community's epidemic prevention.

Comrade Qin Chaohua launched the "Micro Donation" plan to protect his home in 2020, actively raising epidemic prevention materials for community workers, and received exclusive interviews and reports from multiple media outlets, including Henan Television; After becoming a probationary party member in 2021, the burden on my shoulders has become even heavier. In the current round of epidemic resistance, I once again stepped forward and volunteered to actively serve the community in the fight against the epidemic.

In the multiple rounds of nucleic acid testing organized by the company, party members such as Wang Xiao, Liu Xiang, Zhang Qingqing, and Zhang Hongyi from the second party branch also actively participated in volunteer service, and led colleagues from the marketing center such as Han Pengfei, Yuan Commander in Chief, Liang Mingzhe, Guo Minggan, and Wang Yingzhou to participate in volunteer service activities, jointly assisting the company in successfully completing the nucleic acid testing.

Viruses have no lovers and love. After the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, Zhengzhou has engaged in multiple head-on battles with the epidemic. In every anti epidemic activity, we can always see Communist Party members charging ahead and demonstrating their true qualities; We can always see the party flag fluttering at the forefront of the "war epidemic", and the touch of red makes everyone feel more at ease.

The epidemic is still ongoing, and prevention and control cannot be neglected. Let's work together to fight the epidemic, and victory will eventually come!


Correspondent: Zhang Hongyi