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Sanmo Institute Holds the 2022 Party Building "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" Project Acceptance Review Meeting

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On December 13th, Sanmo Institute organized a review meeting for the company's 2022 party building "innovation and entrepreneurship" project acceptance. The company organized a review committee consisting of deputy chief engineers, technical experts from the Science and Technology Development Department, and various party branches. The committee adopted a combination of "online and offline" methods to review and accept 41 excellent projects selected by the company's 7 party branches.




At the meeting, the leaders of the "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" projects reported to the review committee on the innovation, progressiveness and practicability of the project, as well as the achievement of the project objectives, direct value and promotion and application prospects. The evaluation committee strictly followed the evaluation rules and standards, and conducted in-depth discussions and evaluations based on the report of the project leader.

During the review process, the review committee not only focused on good ideas, methods, and experiences in the project creation process, but also focused on the two-way deep integration of party building business work and the leading role played by party members and comrades. At the same time, it also exchanged views on the role played by each project in implementing the fundamental task of high-quality development of the company in terms of practicality, innovation, and integration. After a day of review, the innovation, efficiency achievements, promotion value, and integration of party building business of 41 projects have been unanimously recognized by the judges. All projects have successfully passed the acceptance and have been selected as the first, second, and third prize projects at the company level.


                                                                                                                                                                Correspondent: Dou Xinfeng