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Adhering to Ordinary Positions and Striving to Be the Pioneer of the Times - Outstanding Communist Party Member Xiao Shuangyong

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On the morning of June 26, 2021, the "Two Excellence and One First" commendation conference of Henan Province was held in Zhengzhou. Comrade Xiao Shuangyong from Sanmo Institute was awarded the honorary title of "Excellent Communist Party Member of Henan Province".

坚守平凡岗位  争做时代先锋——优秀共产党员肖双勇(图1)

Comrade Xiao Shuangyong joined Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute in 2004 and joined the CPC in 2013. Over the past 17 years of working, he has always adhered to the frontline of the production department, serving multiple positions such as production position, team leader, production scheduling, project leader, and department head. As a Communist Party member, he has always remembered his mission, loved his job, set an example, and was willing to contribute for 17 years. Whenever the company needed him, he always rushed to the front line without hesitation and made extraordinary contributions in ordinary work positions. It has been awarded the honorary titles of "exemplary individual", "Business Backbone", "Business Model" and "Excellent Communist Party Member" for many consecutive years, reflecting the responsibility and responsibility of an excellent Communist Party member in the new era.

In 2019, a new type of equipment newly developed by the company has a large market demand, but there are technical bottlenecks in mass production, in order to solve the problem of mass production as soon as possible to meet the market demand, the company set up a 1902 project team, and appointed comrade Xiao Shuangyong as the project team leader. Xiao Shuangyong accepted the task, on the one hand, began to study the issue of improving the processing efficiency of the equipment, on the one hand, began to promote the construction of the production line. At that time, the environment of the production base was extremely poor, and the construction of the entire production line was completely from scratch, with thousands of things to do. Xiao Shuangyong didn't complain, didn't retreat, led the project team members to leave their hometowns, and worked day and night in an extremely difficult environment. He kept an eye on the details of the project during the day, but also at night to summarize, in order to complete the task as soon as possible, Comrade Xiao Shuangyong half a year time did not return home once, in his strong sense of responsibility and the spirit of overcoming difficulties driven and inspired by the members of the project team to concentrate on, tenacious and hard work, some comrades with a high fever and still stand firm, there are comrades with sick children hospitalized and can not go home to visit them, they are sleepless and sleepy, and every minute and second, without rest days and holidays, and no time off, no time off, no time off, no time off, no time off. They have no rest days and no holidays, and have paid several times the work intensity and energy of ordinary people. After half a year's hard work, the project team successfully solved the technical problems of mass production of the new equipment, built a highly efficient production line, quickly realized 24-hour uninterrupted production operations, and successfully completed the company's established production goals.

坚守平凡岗位  争做时代先锋——优秀共产党员肖双勇(图2)

Xiao Shuangyong always said that he is just a loyal to the organization, loyal to the people of the ordinary Communist Party members, but it is such an ordinary party members, with love and dedication, the spirit of hard work, with the ordinary, indifferent to fame and fortune of the mind, neither succumbed to hardship and suffering, nor slacking off in the affluent and comfortable, but the overall situation, seize the opportunity to open up and innovate, and determined to remove all the difficulties, do not achieve the goal of the strong beliefs, to create an extraordinary performance in the ordinary positions, with simple actions to explain the true meaning of the title of Communist Party members, the Communist Party members of pioneering and exemplary flag to the wind, and will always be bright red brightly colored.


Correspondent: Shang Jiali