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The Five Branches Hold a Party History Knowledge Competition Activity of "Reviewing Centennial Party History and Consolidating Advancing Forces"

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On May 31, 2021, in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC, call on all party members to learn the history of the party, know the party's feelings, follow the party, and deepen the understanding and understanding of the glorious struggle of the CPC, the Fifth Party Branch held a series of activities in the 366 party building conference room to learn the history of the party and the party history knowledge contest.

Firstly, Sun Zhengbin, the branch secretary, gave a lecture on the glorious journey of the Party's struggle, using over 30 photos to narrate the glorious moments of the Party's founding over the past 100 years. Each moment is worth remembering and deeply proud of by every party member. The Party course is rich in content, covering major events, key tasks, and important battles in the history of the Party, showcasing the great journey of the Party in a diverse and three-dimensional form. At the end of the party class, Secretary Sun instructed all party members to remember the glorious history of the party, not to forget their responsibilities and missions, to strive for the realization of the Chinese Dream, and to bless the party's birthday with practical actions.

The glorious historical moment of the Party

After Secretary Sun studied the Party history course, the Fifth Party Branch held a unique Party history knowledge competition. The competition questions are all question and answer questions, using a preemptive answer format. The preemptive answer password is the advanced theoretical knowledge and slogan of our party in recent years. The topic involves the history of the founding of the CPC, the history of new China, the history of reform and opening up, the history of socialist development, and so on. During the competition, all party members were highly focused and composed in answering questions, actively taking the initiative and eagerly answering.

Answering questions in progress

Through a half hour quiz competition, Zhang Xin, Xie Min, and Zhou Jiguang each finished in the top three. Shao Junyong, on behalf of the branch, presented commemorative prizes to the winners. Afterwards, Mr. Shao gave a summary speech on the party history class and competition, believing that the event was very successful and had a novel format. The participation of all party members was extremely high, and the learning effect of party history was also outstanding. Finally, General Shao called on all party members to work hard in their work positions, achieve the "double over half" goal with excellent performance, and celebrate the party's centenary with solid results.



Announcement of final competition awards




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