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Pay tribute to the martyrs guarding the border and inherit the spirit of heroes "- Theme Party Day Activity of the First Party Branch of Sanmo Institute

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On the morning of February 26th, the First Party Branch of Sanmo Institute held a themed Party Day activity titled "Salute to the Martyrs of Border Garrison and Inherit the Heroic Spirit". Party members of the branch gathered to watch the promotional video "My Country and the Border" shot by the Ministry of National Defense, to jointly understand the difficulties and spiritual beliefs of border guards patrolling the border.



There's no such thing as a peaceful time, just someone carrying the weight and moving forward for you. "The border soldiers in" The Country and the Border "are the monuments of" carrying the weight and moving forward ". They are soldiers and children in the eyes of their parents. Most of them are only in their early twenties, during their youth. The "weight" they carry is the original intention and belief of protecting the country and the family.



Afterwards, I watched a short documentary video of the Sino Indian conflict, revisiting the glorious deeds of Commander Qi Fabao, Battalion Commander Chen Hongjun, Soldier Chen Xiangrong, Xiao Siyuan, and Wang Zhuoran who fought bravely to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity in the border conflict until their heroic sacrifice, demonstrating their unwavering loyalty to defend their homeland to the death.


Branch Secretary Sun Zhaoda emphasized the punishment decision of the Nanjing police on the "spicy pen ball" who desecrated heroic deeds, and emphasized that the internet is not an illegal place. Our party members should take the lead in resisting negative comments and raise the bright red flag in the ideological field with practical actions.

Although the hero has left, the spirit of the hero endures forever. Finally, all members of the First Party Branch collectively pay tribute to the martyrs guarding the border, and swear to love and work hard, do their job well, and pay tribute to the heroes who have committed themselves to the country with practical actions. They always maintain a fighting spirit, firm patriotism, bravely shoulder the responsibility of the times, and repay the peace and tranquility that the heroes have sworn to protect with excellent work achievements.


Submitted by: Ma Ning