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The Party Building "One, Two, One" Leading the Development "Step by Step" - A Record of the Fourth Party Branch of Sanmo Institute Creating a "Demonstration Party Branch"

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A party branch, two party groups, and a set of innovative and practical party building activity carriers. The fourth party branch of Sanmo Institute, combined with practical business work, focuses on consolidating the foundation of party building, benchmarking the advanced, and filling in the shortcomings. With this set of "One, Two, One" party building "secrets," we have forged a team that dares to fight tough battles and is good at winning battles, and embarked on a high-quality party building innovation path that is suitable for the development of enterprises in the new era.

The branch is built on the front line, and the party flag is inserted in the workshop

The Fourth Party Branch is composed of three production frontline departments: Product Department 3, Product Department 4, and Product Department 9. The products are mainly superhard material products used in the semiconductor, electronic, and optical glass industries, with leading products in the same industry in China. High speed, efficiency, and high pressure are the most distinctive working characteristics of the Fourth Party Branch. Faced with heavy work tasks, the branch starts from organizational construction, selects and matches the branch team, reasonably sets up party groups, forms an organic combination of branch organizations and departmental business, and thoroughly opens up the "nerve endings" of grassroots party organizations. All 21 branch party members are rooted in the frontline of technology research and development and production manufacturing, and their presence is everywhere in times of urgency, difficulty, danger, and heaviness. In the workshop, a bright red "party flag" floats, truly realizing the extension of the party organization, where the vanguard and exemplary role of party members is played.

Enrich Party building carriers and gather red forces

Cohesion comes from a firm belief in unity. The Fourth Party Branch always regards standardizing organizational life as an important means of laying a solid foundation, exploring active and effective learning modes, innovating the carrier of party building activities, and conveying the party's ideas, theories, and policies to every party member and cadre in a popular way. It further strengthens its ideals and beliefs, and remembers the party's original mission in its heart.

One is to strengthen one's theoretical qualities and refine one's party spirit.Using the "three meetings and one lesson" as the carrier, make the "foundation in learning" and "key in doing" normalized. Carefully design the learning content, while carrying out the party's theoretical education, integrate the company's development history, current political hot spots, situation education, party style and party discipline, etc., invite veteran party members to talk about the growth process, let the majority of party members really feel the progressiveness nature of the party members, and constantly strengthen their own spirit of responsibility and sense of charge.



The second is to focus on cultivating and nurturing talents, and build a strong team.Actively carry out the "dual training" project for party members and technical experts, adhere to the principle of "cultivating party members into professional backbone and professional backbone into party members", and develop six professional backbone into active members of the party. Give full play to the role of "mentoring and mentoring", establish a harmonious relationship between new and old party members, and grow and progress together, providing important talent support for the sustained and healthy development of the department. The Fourth Party Branch has been awarded the honorary title of "Advanced Party Branch" by the company multiple times. At present, 21 party members of the Fourth Party Branch are distributed on various fronts of the branch and are important backbone forces of the department and company.



The third is the strong and fresh taste of the party, and the grounded atmosphere has practical effects.Focusing on the organic combination of themes and highlighting characteristics, with the goal of "standardization, normalization, grounding, and emphasizing practical results", we will flexibly carry out the "Theme Party Day Activities". Organize the viewing of patriotic films and conduct evaluations of their viewing experiences to help party members reflect on their original aspirations and purify their party spirit. Organize "Volunteer Service Party Members in Action" to promote the theme knowledge of "garbage classification" to the company's employees. During the Qingming Festival, online sweeping activities were carried out to commemorate the great achievements of the martyrs. During July 1st and National Day, activities such as "I Celebrate the Party's Birthday" and "I Send Blessings to the Motherland" were held, leading party members to review their oath of joining the Party and sending political birthday cards to party members. Through the strong guidance of organizational life, the cultivation of righteousness, and the enhancement of vitality, we can effectively enhance the attractiveness, cohesion, and charisma of the Party organization.







Integration of Party building business and innovation to promote efficiency creation

Only by organically integrating party building work with business work can it radiate vitality. The Fourth Party Branch firmly grasps the key of deeply integrating party building work into production and operation, promoting brand building, and assisting scientific research and production.

One is to carry out "Party building+projects" activities around the creation of "one branch, one brand".The first party group of the branch carries out the party building project of "Party building and scientific research integration and co construction", focusing on solving the difficulties and problems encountered by the department in scientific research, utilizing the coordination and scheduling role of the party organization to accelerate the process of scientific research and development, and ensuring the normal implementation of the party group's 6 scientific research projects and 7 patent applications. The second party group carries out the "Party Member Small Classroom" party building project, selecting a party member business backbone every month to provide skill improvement training to frontline employees, sharing good experiences, practices, and skills with employees in the same position, achieving the overall improvement of department skill level.



The second is to closely connect with the masses and jointly build an innovation and entrepreneurship platform.Focusing on solving the "bottleneck" problem in production, with the goal of innovation and efficiency creation, we mobilized the strength of various party groups, led by party members and comrades, actively mobilized the masses, and organized the implementation of 19 entrepreneurship and innovation projects, accounting for 60% of the company's total projects. Among them, 6 were listed as key projects of the company, 2 were listed as key projects of axis research technology, and 3 were solved key production problems. The total project efficiency was over 700000 yuan.



Party members take the lead in setting an example and creating brilliance

The combat power comes from the team spirit and the power of role models. Under the adverse impact of the epidemic this year, party members of the branch took the lead in breaking through and working, fearless of difficulties, and took the initiative to take on the tasks of "hard work" and "hard work" in the workshop. Through practical actions, they infected, guided, and motivated people, driving various departments of the branch to form a good atmosphere of "everyone working together".

 Communist Party members are bricks, where they need to be moved. In order to provide grinding wheel products for a cutting ceramic capacitor benchmark enterprise in China, in April of this year, the branch instructed two comrades, Li Dashui and Wu Leitao, from the resin technology group to form a party member team and begin the research and development of domestic grinding wheel products. The first party group of the branch mobilized all party members to assist in tackling the problem, repeatedly discussing and modifying the manufacturing process more than 10 times. After nearly 5 rounds of on-site testing, this product was successfully developed, achieving the replacement of domestic grinding wheels. The first batch of orders has increased revenue by 100000 yuan, with an annual output value of 1.2 million yuan. At the same time, the manufacturing process of this product can also be extended to other fields and industries, greatly enhancing the company's product competitiveness.



The "brilliance" of party members has achieved the "brilliance" of business development. In 2020, the three constituent departments of the Fourth Party Branch are expected to achieve a sales revenue of 109 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13.6%, exceeding the predetermined target and making outstanding contributions to the company's business development.

A strong branch battle fortress is inevitably composed of reliable flag bearers, loyal executors, and outstanding dream implementers. An excellent management and development team must be the result of long-term promotion of positive energy and smooth utilization of positive energy. The grand road is like iron, and now we are taking a leap from scratch. The Fourth Party Branch insists on seeking innovation in our work and efficiency in management. They follow the path of self pressurization, self appreciation, and continuous surpassing. This is the path of self-improvement and also the necessary path for us to achieve our mission as a grassroots party organization in state-owned enterprises. In the future, we believe that the fourth party branch can still make the bright party flag fly high in the struggle to promote the company's sustained, stable, and high-quality development.


Correspondent: Wang Wei, Shang Jiali