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Inheritance, Forever on the Road - The Seventh Party Branch Organized a Seminar on the Development Process and Technology Outlook of Testing Instruments and Equipment

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To deepen the integration of party building and business, better achieve departmental business adjustments, inherit history, and innovate the future. On April 30th, the 7th Party Branch specially invited Peng Zhenyu, the company's full-time deputy chief engineer, to hold a seminar on the development process and technical prospects of testing instruments and equipment in the 366 Party Building Activity Room of the company.


The seminar was attended by Li Na, Vice General Manager of China Machinery Cooperation, Zhang Gaoju, Vice General Manager, Ma Yanjing, Guo Rongli, and other business representatives from the Mold Department of China Machinery Cooperation, as well as all party members and technical personnel from the Intelligent Equipment Department of Sanmo Institute. During the seminar, Mr. Peng conducted a detailed review, elaboration, and outlook on five categories: ordinary abrasive testing instruments, ordinary abrasive testing instruments, superhard materials and products, standard materials, and other products.

From the origin of the name "diamond sand", the granulation effect under different crushing technologies, to the historical origin of each equipment, the original research and development intention, and the research and development direction in the next few years, Mr. Peng has explained and analyzed in detail the environment and positioning of testing equipment from different perspectives of technology and business.

The integration training of instrument professional knowledge and business not only benefits the international promotion of instruments and professional equipment in the future, but also plays a good role in inheriting and promoting the industry's reputation, talent reserves, and accumulation work. Looking back at the past, behind every device achievement, there are countless pioneers and strivers' hard work and sweat. Seizing the present and looking forward to the future will also showcase the style of inheritors.