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Remembering the Journey of Mind and Remembering the Birthday of One's Original Heart - On the Fourth Party Branch's "Political Birthday" Activity

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In order to fully stimulate the progressiveness and exemplary leadership of Party members, in April, the Fourth Party Branch carried out the activity of "Remembering the journey of mind, not forgetting the birthday of the original heart", to let Party members review the course of submitting applications for Party membership that year, and how to adhere to the original heart in their work and study after joining the Party, and share how to firmly grasp the original heart of a Communist!

Comrade He Liuqing from the ninth department of the product has carefully crafted a PPT based on his own mental journey, showcasing to all party members his university education period. In addition to studying, he has visited the Red Base around the school in Changsha, Hunan multiple times, reflecting on the culture of the Xinhai Revolution in Yuelu Mountain and learning from the spirit of responsibility of his predecessors who cared about the country.



After visiting Mao Zedong's former residence and the Orange Island Patriotic Education Base, He Liuqing was deeply moved and submitted an application to the party organization to join the party, becoming a Communist Party member. After working, he successively engaged in scientific research and technical work at China Aluminum Corporation and Zhengzhou Sanmo, always maintaining the identity of a Communist Party member, never forgetting his oath to join the Party, working hard, assuming important work functions, and obtaining the title of Excellent Communist Party Member.

Subsequently, Comrade Cao Song from Product Department Three shared with everyone how he grew from a naval soldier to a Communist Party member. When Comrade Cao Song enlisted in the military, it was during a period when our soldier Comrade Wang Wei collided with an American reconnaissance plane and unfortunately died for his country. The phrase "81192 received, I can no longer return, you continue to move forward" deeply moved Cao Song and also touched countless passionate young people. After enlisting, Cao Songbian actively approached the party organization and became a glorious Communist Party member.


After joining the Party, he became more strict in his requirements and strived to become a model soldier. During his time in the military, he honed his skills and became an excellent squad leader, soldier, and internal affairs model soldier. After transitioning to work, he entered the Sanmo Institute and the spirit of hard struggle of the General's team was brought into play in his work. He always adhered to the original aspiration and responsibilities of Communist Party members, engaged in difficult practical operations of resin monolayers, and broke through the limit of the thinnest thickness of resin monolayers back then. Later, he also engaged in procurement, warehouse management, and mixing work, fully leveraging the role of Party members as screws.


All party members warmly applauded the sharing of the thoughts of the two comrades. Zhang Yi, Deputy Secretary of the Four Branches, sent them a "Political Birthday" greeting card, encouraging all party members to stand firm in their positions, continue to work hard, never forget their original aspirations, and always remember the Communist Party members' mission of serving the country, the people, the enterprise, and the family.