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Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute Holds the 2020 Party Building Work Promotion Meeting

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In order to do a good job in all aspects of party building in 2020 and continuously improve the quality of party building work, on the afternoon of March 24th, Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute held a meeting to promote party building work in 2020. A total of 21 people, including Wang Weitao, Deputy Secretary of the company's party committee, secretaries and deputy secretaries of various party branches, and party affairs cadres from the party mass work department, attended the meeting.


Since the beginning of this year, the Party Committee of Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute has insisted on improving quality and efficiency, optimizing and upgrading, enhancing enterprise competitiveness, and achieving the preservation and appreciation of state-owned assets as the starting point and foothold of all Party building work. Focusing on the work of the business development center, the Party Committee has organized and revised plans and plans for the annual Party building work, including key points, task lists, and responsibility lists, refining work tasks and clarifying time nodes. At the meeting, the Party Mass Work Department first reported on the problems discovered by the 2019 axis research technology inspection and assessment team, and promoted and implemented the key points, task list, and responsibility list of the 2020 party building work.


Subsequently, the secretaries and deputy secretaries of each party branch conducted discussions on the problems in the 2019 work and the 2020 plan arrangement, and put forward practical and feasible opinions and suggestions. It is widely believed that there has been new progress in the party building work of the branch in 2019, and certain achievements have been made. This year, the various party building work plans are clear and feasible, and the promotion measures are practical and feasible, especially in the integration of party building into the central work, which has stronger guiding significance and specific arrangements. It will definitely have a positive promoting effect on future party building work.


Finally, Vice Secretary Wang Weitao made comments on the meeting. He pointed out that in 2019, the company's party committee closely focused on the "three foundations construction", comprehensively carried out the standardization and standardization construction of grassroots party organizations, formulated a set of party building work standard system, and made efforts to lay a solid foundation and fill in shortcomings, promoting the comprehensive progress and excellence of the company's grassroots party branch construction. This year, we will continue to standardize the operational procedures of various Party branches and ensure that the standardized compliance rate of each Party branch reaches 100% by the end of the year. He emphasized that this year's party building work will focus on the key point of "deeply integrating party building work into production and operation", continue to promote the creation of characteristic party building brands, vigorously carry out "innovation and entrepreneurship" activities, and each party branch should further improve its position, liberate its mind, use innovative thinking, effective measures, and specific actions to implement the various decisions and deployments of the party committee, and strive to create a new situation where party building leads the high-quality development of enterprises.



(Submitted by: Shang Jiali, Party and Mass Work Department of Sanmo Institute)