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Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute held a special seminar on improving the quality of party building in 2020

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In order to implement the special action requirements of the "Party Building Consolidation and Deepening Year" of the superior party committee and continuously improve the quality of party building work, on March 16, Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute held a special seminar on party building work in 2020. Yan Ning, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of the company, attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. Vice Secretary Wang Weitao presided over the meeting, and a total of 9 members of the Party Committee and the Party Mass Work Department attended the meeting.


The meeting first analyzed and judged the problems found in the assessment of the Party building inspection and assessment team of Axis Research Technology in 2019, listened to the report of the Party Mass Work Department on the improvement of Party building quality in 2020, and reviewed the key points, task list, and responsibility list of Party building work in 2020. The members of the party committee team conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on how to better integrate party building work into production and operation under the new situation, as well as implementing the responsibility system for party building work, based on their own work practices.

After thorough discussion, members of the party committee unanimously believe that the company's party building work in 2019 has done a lot of work in "laying a solid foundation". In 2020, more efforts should be made towards "improving quality", especially to continue enriching the top-level design of party building around production and operation, and effectively promote the deep integration of party building work with production and operation, as well as technological innovation.

Comrade Yan Ning affirmed the suggestions and views, he emphasized that last year the company party building work has made some achievements, but there are still many problems and deficiencies, the company should continue to set up a "chess" thinking, and strive to promote the party's construction and reform and development of the same direction of aggregation, integration and advancement, give full play to the party's creativity, cohesion, Fighting force, with the party's political construction as the overall leader, to improve the quality of party construction as the main line, to improve the value creation ability as the guide, adhere to the party building work from "do not do" "there is no" comprehensive shift to "good or bad? It also insists on shifting the Party building work from "done or not done" to "good or not good", improves the implementation of the Party management responsibility system which is transmitted from layer to layer and covers the branches, and provides a strong impetus for the sustained, stable and high-quality development of the enterprise by leading with first-class Party building and comprehensively guaranteeing the implementation of the company's strategic planning.




Submitted by: Shang Jiali