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Jiang Lei, a member of the Sixth Party Branch, injected "red power" into the resumption of work and production in frontline departments

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Faced with the raging epidemic, the Sixth Party Branch immediately entered a "wartime state" under the correct leadership of the company's Party Committee. Comrade Jiang Lei, a party member, took the practical action of "walking ahead" and put responsibility on the front line.

Attach great importance to and deploy measures to prevent "epidemics"

On February 7th, Comrade Jiang Lei, in accordance with the instructions of the company's party committee and based on the actual situation of the location of the Special Materials Department 2, formulated and issued a departmental notice on "Work Arrangements and Precautions during the Resumption Period", clarifying the measures for resuming work and epidemic prevention.

Formulate and issue epidemic prevention precautions for employees of Special Materials Department 2 during the resumption of work period

At the same time, as the only party member of the department, Comrade Jiang Lei effectively fulfilled the "dual responsibilities of one position", actively organized the establishment of the department's epidemic prevention and control linkage group, served as the leader, and took the initiative to assume important responsibilities.

Due to the fact that the Second Special Materials Department is located in Xinxiang City, and the requirements of various levels of competent departments such as the city, district, and park, as well as the location of the company's headquarters, are not the same. Considering this actual situation, Comrade Jiang Lei actively connects with the superior supervisory units at the site, actively studies relevant policies and management regulations, and arranges and deploys in advance for the department to resume work as soon as possible.

Actively mobilize and effectively prevent the "epidemic"

On February 9th, upon receiving the news that the resident supervisory department agreed to resume work and the company allowed it to resume work, Comrade Jiang Lei immediately arranged for deployment, actively mobilized, and organized a series of work such as the production of resumption propaganda slogans and the promotion of epidemic prevention knowledge. At the same time, he provided the necessary epidemic prevention materials for the department to ensure the healthy resumption of work for department employees. At the same time, under the guidance of the company's party committee, a sound mechanism for daily reporting of departmental employee health information has been established, and a ledger has been established for departmental employees, which has been thoroughly counted and clarified.

Propaganda slogans and epidemic prevention knowledge promotion for the resumption of work in Special Materials Department 2

Adapting to local conditions and effectively preventing "epidemics"

The above arrangement and deployment ensured the smooth resumption of work in the Special Materials Department II, with 18 people meeting the conditions for resumption, and a resumption rate of 85.7%. However, after successfully resuming work, it was found that employees of other enterprises in the park where the residence is located often do not wear masks, leading to a common problem of poor protective awareness, which poses huge risks to the health and safety production of department employees. Faced with this situation, Comrade Jiang Lei promptly organized a joint group meeting on epidemic prevention and control through the internet, reiterating the spirit of the company's party committee's instructions, strictly following the requirements of the documents, strengthening employees' safety protection awareness, implementing departmental epidemic prevention measures, and conducting temperature tests twice a day in the morning, afternoon, and afternoon for all personnel returning to work to ensure timely elimination of abnormal situations. At the same time, he arranged cleaning personnel to disinfect the office and production areas twice a day as required.

As the leader of the epidemic prevention and control linkage group, Comrade Jiang Lei is responsible for organizing the ledger of department resumption personnel every day, inspecting the allocation of epidemic prevention materials, supervising comprehensive disinfection and other work, taking multiple measures to ensure the smooth progress of all department work. At the same time, after resumption of work, all team members quickly entered a working state, achieving normal production and shipment of products.

Special Materials Department 2 strictly implements temperature measurement, sterilization and disinfection work

Comrade Jiang Lei, a member of the Sixth Party Branch, fully played a pioneering and exemplary role as a party member, fought against the epidemic, focused on production, injected "red strength" into the resumption of work and production in the company's frontline departments, built a "red protective wall", and worked hard to win the "double victories" of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production.