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The Anti Epidemic Situation is in Action - The Seventh Party Branch of Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute Conducts a Volunteer Activity to Combat the Epidemic

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In the face of the sudden COVID-19 epidemic sweeping across the country, the battle against "epidemic" is the top priority of the current work, and the Party members are leading the way. The epidemic is a command, and prevention and control is a responsibility. In order to win this battle of epidemic prevention and control, the party members and pioneers of our company's seventh party branch are dutiful to become volunteers and express their willingness to participate in volunteer service activities. In the face of the epidemic, there are no small matters, and every link is a fortress. In response to the congestion of vehicles entering and exiting the East Gate during the morning rush hour of our company, the Seventh Party Branch immediately organized party members and volunteers to comprehensively disinfect the vehicles entering the company, and provide temperature testing, recording and other service work for the personnel entering the company. They bravely stood up and remained at the forefront of epidemic prevention and control.


According to the introduction of the Secretary of the Seventh Party Branch, the activity has been ongoing for a week now, with two party members providing volunteer services every day to assist the company's epidemic prevention work group in temperature testing and vehicle disinfection. The on-site work is organized. Build a strong safety line for epidemic prevention and control for company employees. At this special moment, the Party members and volunteers of the Seventh Party Branch charge forward, fearless of difficulties and dangers, carrying forward the spirit of unity, tenacious struggle, and brave dedication, and practicing the exemplary role of Party members with practical actions.


There is a responsibility called a party member, a dedication called volunteering, and a spirit called fearlessness. For party members and volunteers, being proactive is a responsibility, and being practical and meticulous is sincere. A party member is a flag, and a branch is a fortress. Faced with the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, all Party members should fully play a pioneering and exemplary role, and take dedicating themselves to the frontline of epidemic prevention and control as a concrete practice to fulfill their original mission, and use practical actions to fulfill the great responsibility of guarding their homes and people. Make due contributions to epidemic prevention and control.



(Submitted by: Lei Yawen from the Comprehensive Management Department)