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Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute Holds a Special Meeting on Finding Gaps by Comparing the Party Constitution and Regulations

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On November 5th, Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute organized a special meeting on comparing the Party Constitution and regulations to identify gaps. With the awareness of facing problems and the courage to face them head-on, they compared and comprehensively searched for various problems that violated their original intention and mission, and solved them with real swords and guns.


At the meeting, members of the leading group of the Party Committee learned the original text of the Party Constitution, Several Guidelines for Inner Party Political Life in the New Situation, and the Regulations of the CPC on Disciplinary Punishment, and made comparative statements one by one against the deployment requirements of the Central Committee, closely following the "18 Yes No's" proposed by the Central Committee. Not only have the problems been identified and the root causes of ideas been excavated, but also the direction and measures for rectification have been clarified based on practical work, achieving the goal of finding gaps, consolidating consensus, enhancing unity, and jointly improving.

In his concluding speech, Party Secretary Yan Ning pointed out that comparing the Party Constitution and regulations to identify gaps is not only a requirement for thematic education, but also a reflection on the depth of one's thinking. We need to take this special meeting as an opportunity to further enhance our ideological understanding, correct various behaviors, and focus on continuously deepening and implementing the rectification based on the list of issues. We must adhere to the principle of checking while making changes, knowing and making changes, starting from ourselves and now, and implementing each improvement one by one. For the problems that have been rectified, it is necessary to frequently "look back", consolidate the effectiveness of rectification, and ensure that they always stay at the forefront of theme education, serve as a good benchmark, and set an example.