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Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute Holds a Special Party Class Report Meeting on the Theme Education of "Remembering Our Original Intent and Remembering Our Mission"

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In order to ensure the solid and in-depth implementation of the theme education activity of "never forget one's original intention and always remember one's mission", on the afternoon of October 30th, Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute held a special party class report meeting. Lu Guangyao, Shen Yongjian, and Wang Qiaojuan from the Axis Research Technology Theme Education Guidance Group attended the guidance, and more than 150 party members and middle-level and above cadres listened to the party class.



Comrade Yan Ning, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors, with the theme of "Remembering one's original intention and not forgetting one's roots, and creating a new chapter of entrepreneurship", closely combines the theme education of "Remembering one's original intention and mission" with the original intention and mission of Sanmo Institute. He reviewed the excellent tradition of 60 years of hard work of Sanmo Institute, recalled the sense of responsibility of the entrepreneurial predecessors, and systematically explained the strategic planning and goals of Sanmo Institute, Encourage and call on all party members to enhance their confidence, be brave in taking on responsibilities, and lead the employees to contribute to the implementation of the company's strategic goals and achieve stable and leapfrog development.


The guidance group for the theme education of Axis Research Technology distributed a party lesson scoring table to the attendees, and it is understood that the positive rate of this party lesson is 100%. The majority of party members generally believe that party classes should start from the original intention and mission, connect with the company's strategy and corporate culture, have clear themes, clear goals, unite people's hearts, and motivate people to make progress. They have expressed the need to set up the benchmark of not forgetting their original intention, shoulder the responsibility of remembering their mission, and invest in the new round of strategic development of the company with a striving attitude.


Subsequently, all party members collectively watched the special educational film "Role Model 4". By learning from the spirit of role models, serving the masses, perseverance, and selfless dedication, they stimulated the internal motivation of party members and cadres to actively strive for progress, work and entrepreneurship, and deeply rooted the educational achievements of the theme of "never forgetting one's original aspiration and mission" in people's hearts.