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Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute Holds a Special Topic on Education, Anti Corruption and Integrity, and a Lecture on the Achievements of Model Workers, with the Theme of "Remembering Our Original Intention and Remembering Our Mission"

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During the critical period of comprehensively carrying out the theme education of "Don't Forget Your Original Intent, Remember Your Mission" and the "Integrity Promotion Month Activity" throughout the company, on the afternoon of September 30th, Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute organized an anti-corruption and anti-corruption warning education and a demonstration of the deeds of model workers, further enhancing the awareness of integrity and self-discipline among party members and cadres, and inspiring everyone's enthusiasm for learning from model workers. The meeting was chaired by Comrade Sun Zhaoda, a member of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, and more than 150 middle-level cadres and in-service party members of the company attended.


The conference broadcasted the anti-corruption and integrity themed film "Transformed Life". The documentary tells the life trajectory of Jiang Zunyu, the former Secretary of the Political and Legal Commission of Shenzhen, who slipped into the abyss of illegal and criminal activities, and his heartfelt repentance, arousing a rethinking of anti-corruption and integrity education among party members and cadres.

   Subsequently, Comrade Wang Shuai, a model worker in Zhengzhou City in 2018, combined his more than ten years of work experience and experience in taking root in his position, and shared wonderful deeds with the majority of party members. He inspires all party members to stand firm in their positions, be willing to contribute, and actively make extraordinary achievements in ordinary work.


A party member holds a banner, and in the glorious 60 year history of Sanmo Institute, the advanced deeds of Communist Party members who love their work, are dedicated, innovative, pragmatic, and willing to contribute have set an example for the majority of cadres and employees to learn from, and have made great contributions to the stable and sustainable development of the company. At the end of the meeting, Comrade Sun Zhaoda stated that as a party member and cadre in the new era, we should continue to maintain the excellent tradition of Sanmo Institute, not forget our original intention, keep in mind our mission, fully leverage the exemplary and leading role of Communist Party members, and make new contributions to the implementation of Sanmo Institute's strategic goals and the stable and high-quality development.

After the meeting, the educational leadership group of Sanmo Institute's theme of "never forget one's original intention, always remember one's mission" distributed a solicitation form to all party members, and set up a solicitation box at the entrance of the company's cafeteria to encourage everyone to provide suggestions and suggestions for the company's development.