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Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute Holds a Theme Education Mobilization Meeting of "Never Forget Our Original Intent, Always Remember Our Mission"

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On September 24th, Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute organized a themed education mobilization meeting on "never forget your original intention, always remember your mission" to arrange and deploy the company's theme education work. The meeting was chaired by Comrade Wang Weitao, Deputy Secretary of the Company's Party Committee, and Yan Ning, Secretary of the Company's Party Committee, delivered an important speech. More than 40 members of the Party committee, members of the Party committee, middle-level leaders, and secretaries and deputy secretaries of various Party branches attended the meeting.


At the meeting, Vice Secretary Wang Weitao read out the list of members of the company's "never forget our original intention, always remember our mission" theme education leadership group and office, as well as the implementation plan for theme education. The plan was arranged and deployed from four stages: learning and education, investigation and research, problem inspection, and rectification implementation. He emphasized that all party branches and party members and leading cadres of the company should effectively improve their political standing, deeply understand the significance of conducting theme education, and solidly carry out theme education according to the arrangement and deployment of the company's party committee.

Yan Ning, secretary of the mobilization speech, pointed out that the theme of education time is tight, the task is heavy, demanding, the party branches and party cadres should effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and sense of urgency, the ideology should be attached great importance to the action to quickly follow up on the measures to seek practical results, and to promote the theme of education in-depth corporate organs, project line and workshop team, and strive to ensure that the theme of education in-depth and solid advancement, and achieve tangible results.


Yan Ning emphasized, to deeply understand the theme of education fundamental task, one to promote the implementation of responsibility, team members should seriously fulfill the "one job, two responsibilities", first learn a step, learn a little deeper, first change up, change a little more realistic, to prevent only grasp the lower levels do not grasp their own, for the party members and cadres as a good example. Each party branch should attach great importance to the organization and implementation, the formation of "one level to grasp the first level, layers of implementation" of the work pattern. Second, we must adhere to a balanced approach to the theme of education, we must adhere to the center, the overall situation of the service, the overall arrangement of time and energy, and correctly deal with the relationship between business work and theme education, and effectively prevent the "two skins". Third, we must guard against formalism, we must adhere to a good style to grasp the theme of education, focusing on practical results, to solve practical problems, and resolutely prevent doing false work, engage in forms, go through the motions, and resolutely put an end to the negative treatment, perfunctory coping with the discovery of a serious criticism. Four to create a strong atmosphere. To pay attention to summarize and refine the theme of education in the good experience, good practices, publicity positive typical, publicity around the advanced people, to point to bring the face, the overall advancement, to guide the party members and cadres consciously learn in the depths, do in the field, walk in the forefront, to create a new situation of high-quality development of the three mill contribute to the power.