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Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute Conducted Inspection of Party Building Work in the First Half of 2019

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In order to comprehensively deepen the "Three Foundations Construction" and promote the "Central Enterprise Grassroots Party Building Promotion Year" special action, it has taken root in the company. From August 6th to August 8th, Wang Weitao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Sanmo Institute, led the personnel of the Party Mass Work Department to form an inspection team, which conducted inspections and guidance on the progress of party building work in the first half of the first half of the year for the nine party branches under its jurisdiction through listening to reports and consulting materials.


On the morning of August 6th, the secretaries of nine party branches reported on the study, promotion, and implementation of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the implementation of the "three meetings and one lesson" system, the implementation of themed party day activities, the progress of the "one branch and one characteristic" party building project, and the integration of party building into the center work. They comprehensively summarized the work achievements of the party branches in the first half of the year, carefully identified the existing problems in the current work, and proposed work ideas and measures for the second half of the year.


After the report, Comrade Wang Weitao affirmed the efforts made by the new branch team in improving the quality of grassroots party building. He pointed out that the Party building center work of Sanmo Institute is to promote the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises. The secretaries of each party branch should align their thoughts, goals, and actions with the company's development goals, actively unite and lead the majority of party members and masses to overcome difficulties, and provide solid guarantees for the company to achieve its annual business goals. This inspection of party building work is a great opportunity for communication and learning. We hope that all branches can innovate their party building work methods, further promote the deep integration of party building work and business work, focus on the company's strategic planning and annual business goals, fully leverage the role of the party branch as a fortress of battle and the exemplary role of party members, continuously promote the company's high-quality development, and ensure the completion of the annual goals and tasks.

From August 7th to August 8th, the inspection team went deep into various party branches to conduct inspections and guidance, comprehensively understanding and grasping the progress of party building work in each party branch.

The inspection team focused on the 2019 party building task list, responsibility list, and the "one branch, one characteristic" party building project requirements. They carefully reviewed the relevant materials and record books of each branch's activities and meetings, as well as the record books of branch members and some party members. They also reviewed the update of the party building information platform of State Machinery Group, the account of developing party members, and the details of party fee collection. They also had exchanges and discussions with members of each branch's team, Fully affirmed the implementation of daily systems and proposed rectification suggestions for existing problems.

Through this inspection, the problems in grassroots party building work were promptly discovered and resolved, and the standardization and standardization construction level of grassroots party branches was effectively strengthened, which played a positive role in further improving the company's grassroots party building work.