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Pairing, Jointly Building, Aggregating Forces, Innovating Party Building and Seeking a New Chapter - Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute and Erzhong Equipment Casting and Forging Company's Party Building Jointly Building Activities Successfully Launch

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To further implement the requirements of the "Central Enterprise Grassroots Party Building Promotion Year" activity, and effectively improve the quality of party building to help promote the good development of production and operation. On the morning of July 5th, the Party Committee of Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute and the Party Committee of Erzhong Equipment Casting and Forging Company held a grand ceremony for the launch of the Party building joint construction activity with the theme of "working together to forge diamond molds, deepening cooperation and promoting win-win situation". More than 40 people, including Vice General Manager of Guoji Heavy Industry, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Erzhong Equipment, Yan Jie, Assistant to the General Manager of Axis Research Technology, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Sanmo Institute, Yan Ning, and major leaders, party workers, party representatives, and business backbones from both sides, attended the event.



The launch ceremony was presided over by Comrade Wu Quang, a member of the Party Committee and assistant to the General Manager of Erzhong Equipment, as well as the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of the Casting and Forging Company. Comrade Yan Jie, on behalf of the Second Equipment Party Committee, congratulated the smooth launch of the event and hoped that both sides would take this opportunity to establish and improve a working mechanism for the integration and mutual promotion of grassroots party organizations on both sides, and explore and create a standardized, standardized, and branded party branch demonstration benchmark; Internalize the achievements of party building co construction in all aspects of business cooperation between both parties, and fully leverage the leading and exemplary role of party building.


Yan Ning, on behalf of the party committee of the three mill, he said that the "strong combination" is an effective way to promote the requirements of the "central enterprise grass-roots party building to promote the year" activities at the grass-roots level, but also to consolidate and deepen the two sides of the comprehensive strategic partnership of strong initiatives. It is also a powerful initiative to consolidate and deepen the comprehensive strategic cooperative relationship between the two sides. With the continuous development of party building and business cooperation between the two sides, the political advantages of party building of the two sides will be better transformed into the advantages of sustained and high-quality development of the enterprise, and accelerate the realization of the complementary advantages of the two sides, common progress, synergistic development, and mutual benefit and win-win situation.


Comrade Yan Jie and Comrade Yan Ning awarded flags for the Party Committee of Three Mill and the Party Committee of Casting and Forging Company respectively. Fan Linqi, Secretary of Party Committee of Casting and Forging Company, and Wang Weitao, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and Secretary of Discipline Inspection Committee of Sanmu Institute, made commitment speeches respectively on how to carry out good party building co-construction activities. Both sides said that they would use this activity as a bridge to enhance friendship and promote cooperation, and set off a new chapter of cooperation between Erzhong Equipment Casting & Forging Company and Zhengzhou Sanmu Institute. After the ceremony, they visited the production site of Erzhong Equipment Casting & Forging Company, and exchanged discussions with the Party Committee of Casting & Forging Company and the Forging Party Branch on party building work in the activity room of the Forging Party Branch of the General Party Branch of the Forging Plant.