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Each party branch of Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute holds an organizational life meeting and democratic evaluation of party member work

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Recently, each party branch of Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute strictly held the 2018 organizational life meeting and democratic evaluation of party member work in accordance with the procedures. Party members and cadres conducted comparative inspections at the meeting, conscientiously carried out criticism and self-criticism, and conducted democratic evaluations based on the performance of Party members. As leaders of the contact points of each party branch, members of the leadership team of the company's party committee participated in the organizational life meeting as an ordinary party member. 

The comprehensive organization and convening of a special organizational life meeting and democratic evaluation of party members this time is a concrete action taken by each party branch to seriously carry out internal political life, effectively utilize the ideas, methods, and means of party building work, promote the integration of party building work into the company's production and operation, and implement the arrangement of "improving the quality of party building" activities. During the comparative inspection, each branch and all party members closely connect with the actual situation of ideology, work, style, compliance with regulations and discipline, thoroughly investigate and identify problems, carefully analyze the root causes, and propose practical rectification measures. The criticism and assistance among party members not only face problems directly, meet each other honestly, but also seek truth from facts and act out of fairness, achieving the effect of solving problems, touching thoughts, enhancing unity, and promoting work.

By holding this organizational life meeting, the company's party branches further clarified the methods and measures to promote the implementation of party building tasks and the successful completion of the target tasks in 2019. First, further enhance the political consciousness and action consciousness of comprehensively governing the Party strictly, conscientiously implement the work requirements of the Party Committee of the company, take the promotion of the "Two Schools, One Doing" study and education normalization and institutionalization as a hand, adhere to the "around the business of party building, good party building and promoting development "The work of the idea, comprehensively promote the company's internal management, party building, and promote the company's work to improve quality and efficiency. Secondly, we will strengthen our responsibility and strive to put our thoughts and actions in place, actively and enthusiastically devote ourselves to the new round of state-owned enterprise reform and development, understand the new policies in time, and accurately grasp the new dynamics. Third, further strengthen and standardize the party's political life, adhere to democratic centralism, strictly implement the system of "three meetings and one lesson", organizational life meeting, democratic evaluation of party members, heart-to-heart talks, etc., use the weapon of criticism and self-criticism, and effectively press the direct responsibility of party building. Fourthly, we will further strengthen and improve the work of party building, thoroughly grasp the standardized construction of party branches, continuously improve the scientific level of branch work, and fully mobilize and play the role of branches as battlefields and party members as vanguard models.