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Our company organized party members and cadres to visit the "anti-corruption corridor" in Western Mount Taishan

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In order to strengthen the company's party building work, stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative, creativity, and exemplary role of party members and cadres in their work, and further enhance the patriotism, love for the company, and love for their work, according to the annual work plan of the company's party committee, on the afternoon of August 17th, the company's party committee organized 28 party members and cadres (party committee members, branch secretaries, middle-level and above cadres, excluding those on business trips) to go to the national ecological civilization village The "Incorruption Corridor" in Xitai Mountain Village, Xinzheng City, Henan Province Incorruption Culture and Education Base, an advanced grass-roots party organization in Henan Province, visited and studied.

      Through this visit to study, our company party members and cadres have expressed deep feelings, in the mind, the heart has been greatly shaken, party members and cadres are determined to consciously practice in their own work, "four speak, four" qualified party member standards, adhere to the "real" word at the forefront of the "dry" first, under the leadership of the party committee, closely centered on the center of the work of the company and combined with the actuality of their own work, concentrate on the company's work with a more full of enthusiasm to the company's various tasks, and promote the rapid development of the company to play an exemplary role in the leading role in the party members to show the elegance of the party members.