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Corporate Culture

Enterprise culture

Core value

Based on the "harmony" culture of SINOMACH, ZZSM refines and elevates its excellent cultural elements, forming a unique "ZZSM Culture". The "harmony" of ZZSM is not merely about harmony, but about being different yet harmonious. It represents the pursuit of mutual trust, mutual assistance, and common progress, creating a harmonious atmosphere. It embodies the pursuit of inheritance and innovation, as well as internal and external ecological balance. It encompasses "competition and harmony," "harmony," and "integration." This "Harmony" culture originates from traditional Chinese values and reflects the core values of "Work together, win together" embraced by ZZSM. It is also an effort by ZZSM to strive to create an organizational atmosphere of "positiveness, unity and advancement, and innovative development" to stimulate team vitality, improve collaboration efficiency, and strengthen the cohesiveness, unity, and competitiveness of the organization. The construction of this "Harmony" culture has distinctive characteristics of the times and reflects ZZSM's ideal and unremitting pursuit of building a harmonious enterprise and society.

Basic concepts

ZZSM aims to become "a pioneer in innovation development, a creator of social value, and an enhancer of employee happiness" and it shoulders the mission of promoting industry development.


Pioneer in innovation development, creator of social value, and enhancer of employee happiness


Promote industry development through innovative and effective work, create a happy life through diligent and valuable labor.

Core Values

Work together, win together

Work philosophy

Facing "strategic needs, industry transformation and upgrading needs, and major market needs", we focus on our main responsibilities and businesses, adhere to the principle of "produce excellent products and optimize product quality", and provide customers with high-quality comprehensive services to enhance quality and efficiency.

Development philosophy

Independent innovation, key breakthroughs, sustainable development, industry leadership.

Business philosophy

Creator of customer value, enabler of employee value, pioneer of innovative development.

Management philosophy

Pragmatism for effectiveness, continuous improvement.