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Introduction to postdoctoral platform

Postdoctoral platform profile:

The Postdoctoral Research Workstation (Branch) of Zhengzhou Research Institute For Abrasives & Grinding Co., Ltd. was established in December 2014, approved by the National Postdoctoral Management Committee Office (Document No. 88 [2014]). The workstation has always adhered to the goal of attracting, cultivating and utilizing high-level innovative talents in the superhard materials and products industry, formulated a complete management system, established a relatively flexible working mechanism, and established superior scientific research conditions and working environment. In recent years, it has carried out joint postdoctoral training with well-known universities and scientific research institutes at home and abroad, which has achieved remarkable results, effectively enhanced the company's scientific research and technological innovation capabilities, and promoted high-quality development of the industry.


Research direction:

1.Advanced manufacturing and application technology of high-grade superhard materials
2.New raw materials and manufacturing application technologies for superhard material products
3.Development of new superhard materials and product manufacturing equipment
4.Research on performance evaluation of superhard materials and products

Employee benefits:

1.During the postdoctoral research period, the workstation will fully provide project research funds, and the amount of funds will depend on the project.
2.During the station period, we will provide competitive salary and benefits, and the specific amount will be discussed in person.
3.The workstation is equipped with professional instructors for postdoctoral personnel and provides excellent scientific research working conditions.
4.For postdoctoral personnel who meet the conditions, the workstation will apply for on-site living subsidy in accordance with Zhengzhou’s relevant support policies.


Contact: Han Shaoxing
Contact number: 0371-86068716 15290919501