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Zhengzhou three mill precision CNC lathe bidding announcement

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Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Research Institute Co., Ltd. intends to conduct public procurement bidding for 1 set of precision CNC lathe, and hereby invites manufacturers who meet the bidding requirements to participate in the bidding.

I. Project overview

Project content: 1 set of precision CNC lathe, technical requirements are detailed in the bidding documents.

Source of funds: the company's own funds, has been implemented.

2. Bidding time

Document acquisition period: August 15, 2022 to August 26, 2022,

Tender deadline: 14:00, September 6, 2022.

Iii. The bidder's requirements for capital and quality

1. Manufacturers with independent legal personality, precision CNC lathe production or supply capacity, who meet and acknowledge and fulfill the requirements of the bidding documents.

2. The bidder shall abide by national laws, regulations and rules.

3. If the bidder is not a production enterprise, it must hold the authorization certificate of the production enterprise and provide the relevant information of the authorized production enterprise.

4. Media for announcement

The tender announcement is published in the form of announcement on the website of Guoji Seiko Co., Ltd. and Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Research Institute Co., LTD.

5. Contact information

Tenderer: Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Research Institute Co., LTD

Address: No.121 Wutong Street, High-tech Zone, Zhengzhou City

Contact: Wang Zhiqiang

Contact number: 16603878092