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In order to promote the effective landing of the "Work Plan for the Special Action against Fake State-owned Enterprises" issued by SASAC jointly with the Ministry of Public Security and the General Administration of Market Supervision, in accordance with the work requirements of the SASAC recently issued the "Notice on Matters related to the Special Action against fake State-owned Enterprises", National Machinery Group and National Machinery Seiko have issued the "Notice on the Special Action against fake State-owned Enterprises in Depth". According to the above document requirements, the company is now facing the community to set up reporting telephone, mailbox. Anyone who finds forgery, counterfeiting, false publicity of our company and its subsidiaries at all levels related materials and basic information, including but not limited to the company name, business license, official seal, financial seal, legal person signature, court judgment documents, relevant evidence of economic losses to our company and illegal intermediary agencies related service agreements, etc., can report to our company.

Hotline: 0371-67682773;

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Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Institute Co., LTD

June 8, 2022